Goal for winter rowing training

Winter rowing training is hard. The weather is unfavourable to motivation and many of us can only train indoors.

But as committed Faster Masters, we are not discouraged. We know that by setting a training goal for winter rowing, we will be able to track our progress and overcome short term challenges.

So what should your winter rowing goal be?

Rowing fitness is built through endurance and so one easy goal to set yourself is to become fitter. Taking the Faster Five fitness assessment will give you a clear measure of where you stand. Marlene and Rebecca recommend testing yourself once a month. And so if your winter begins in November and runs through to March – you can have 5 tests completed which should chart your progress.  The Faster Five Rowing fitness assessment includes your long distance fitness, your absolute strength and two more tests. Overall you need to know these fitness test results so that you can train optimally in the correct training zones.

Winter training programs

When you design your program (or if you buy the Faster Masters program), you will have multiple goals – some are short term and others may be a big race regatta event like the London Head of the River, Head of the Yarra or the Head of the Charles. All your training is focused on the big goal – but the smaller goals as transition points towards that big moment.

Questions to ask yourself or with your crew

  • What races or goals would we enjoy?
  • Prioritize the goals
  • Have you got one per month?
  • What will you use to keep yourselves on track and ‘honest’ about your training?
  • Can you build a reward into the end of the winter?

Timestamps to the show

1:13 Faster Masters Rowing training program elements for this month.
4.45 Are erg sprints a good winter goal?
7:30 Goal of winter training programs.
Faster Masters Rowing Episode 7: The Role of Testing & Trials in Rowing

10:09 What gives you the biggest boost for next year’s head racing?
15:00 Work travel and how to keep training alongside social obligations of a corporate career
Home Exercises by Raf Wyatt

22:20 Training adjustments
Returning to rowing, starting rowing as an older athlete. Can you row aged 20 or aged 90? How to coach masters athletes.

27:45 Using the ski – erg in training for rowing
32:30 How to stay motivated during 1x training
42:00 Fitkick boat shoes promo


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