Winter rowing clothing guide

How to choose what to wear for winter rowing | Faster Masters Rowing Radio

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01:00 Winter rowing requires good clothing.

How to stay at the right body temperature for your workout.

03:30 Adam Kreek mentioned how the Canadian crews warmed up for the Tokyo Olympics – they adjusted for each person as some warmed up fasters.

05:00 Use a dry bag or store your dry clothing you’ve taken off inside your deck hatch cover. Keep your kit dry.

Layering strategy

08:00 Rebecca’s layering strategy – from head to toe. Many overlapping items of clothing so you don’t get draughts in the air gaps. Marlene uses a base layer in merino or silk next to the skin.

18:00 The Faster Masters Rowing Kit store contains some winter kit suitable for colder weather.

19:30 Pogie alternatives include fleece socks with a hole and shooting mittens made of sheepskin.

22:00 The JL Jacket is great.

Take kit off without tipping

Taking your clothes off in the boat without tipping in. – Trap your oar handles at half slide with the handles wedged between your thighs and torso. – Butt the handles together and lean forward against the handles to hold them firm.

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