Recommendation for strengthening exercises over winter

Hi, my last head race of the season is behind me and I think I’ve identified some areas that I need to work on. The last race was a lot of fun even if only finishing in the middle of the pack and I think I put into it as much as I could as far as effort.

I know I have lost muscle mass and strength over the years and I am wondering if it is feasible to increase strength by focusing on particular erg and rowing exercises over the winter? My erg is a C2 model A with no computer but I can row all year around (except when it is stormy outside). I live in a rural area and I know I wouldn’t consistently drive into town to lift weights if i joined a gym. Any suggestions?

Marlene says

Well done on your season. I think that you definitely want to include strength and flexibility work over the winter especially for hips. There is a strength program included in the Faster Masters program subscription. If you have some kettlebells or dumbbells and elastic bands you can do most of the exercises at home if you prefer not to join a gym. It’s fine to join a gym if you would like but we design the exercises so they can be done easily at home.

Adding a bungee workout once per week when you are on the water is a good way for specific strength too. You could include it on a Cat VI rowing day. Good training, Marlene

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