Racing in Australia 2020

A reader asks

Hi I am unsure about membership. I already have your 3 month 1k training program. I am considering the heads program but unsure how having these two programs may be different from an individual membership. Am currently in Victoria Australia with doubts about any competition before Christmas. If there is it is likely to be heads racing in singles, not my preferred boat so a lot of time on the water is needed to get comfortable in the boat

I can see.the challenge here. Due to uncertainty in the rowing race calendar for masters rowers, it is hard for folks to prepare and to plan ahead.

The difference between 12 week  program and a subscription

Faster Masters Rowing sells stand-alone programs which prepare you for 1k racing or Head racing in 12 weeks. These are designed for individuals or crews who have a single focus within a 3 month time horizon.

The 12 week 1k programme is a stand-alone on-water ONLY training plan. The 12 week Head Racing programme is similar, just focused on a different event length.

The oarsmen / oarswomen who know they will continue rowing beyond that one event, choose our subscription programs.

For two reasons:

  1. The subscription has more than just an on-water program – it includes land training, performance, technique, rowing lifestyle and a bonus
  2. Their commitment to rowing is ongoing and that one event is just one of several points of focus during a single year

When you buy the individual membership you will get a monthly water training programme, a land training plan, PLUS 4 additional modules including technique, performance, rowing lifestyle and a bonus. When we write the water training programmes we include BOTH 1k and Head Racing plans so that you can use the one which is most relevant and suitable for your individual situation.

When you buy a subscription we include BOTH 1k and Head race training plans.  You get both of them in any of our subscription plans – this means you can switch to the one most suitable for your race calendar at any time.

How we design Faster Masters Rowing training plans

When Marlene and Rebecca first conceived the business Faster Masters Rowing, we studied the rowing regatta calendar for masters rowers around the world.

What we found surprised us.

Our assumption that the seasons would be directly opposites in the Northern hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere was completely wrong. We thought that winter time in the south (April to October) would be head racing season and that the 1k side by side races would be in the southern summer.  But that’s not the case.

Australia has 1k races in April and May; New Zealand has 1k races in April and September; United States has 1k races in August; UK has 1k races in June and July.  It is very concentrated.

And the long distance head races are similar.

Our solution

Every month we write an on-water training programme.  For the months leading up to these regatta dates, we give subscribers 2 training programmes.  One for 1k and one for head racing. You choose the one best suited to your timeline of regatta events.