Fitness Rowing

You enjoy rowing to get out in nature, to stay active and get fit. Whether you use a single scull or a crew boat with your friends, having a pathway to progress helps keep you motivated. A Faster Masters plan gives each workout a focus allowing you to choose between improving your technique, fat burning or building boat moving skills.

How can Faster Masters help you?

Support for Fitness Rowers

Ongoing training program to focus your on-water workouts; land training for body conditioning; technique; ageing well and lifestyle advice. Choose workouts to suit your goals.

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How well does your body move? Your personal mobility and flexibility affect your rowing. Test yourself against our 10 individual assessments and watch the webinar about how to improve your body so you can get into the positions you need for rowing.

Interventions to slow down ageing. Manage the ageing process in the context of your wellbeing and your desire to continue rowing. Understand what affects your chronological and biological age and how diet, digestion and hydration age us. 

Articles about Fitness & Technique