Change yourself from a
Rower into a true oarsman, A
master of our sport

The proven masters rowing training program that gives you the confidence to become the athlete you want to be

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Faster Masters Rowing with
Marlene & Rebecca

Marlene Royle

Rebecca Caroe

Rowing Coaches Focused on Athletes Like You


  • Daily workouts through the month
  • Land workouts for core strength
  • Video tutorials


  • Move towards the perfect stroke
  • Overcome your challenges
  • Learn how to handle the oars


  • Challenges you can handle
  • Lifestyle changes you will love
  • Create new habits and stick to them


  • Facebook Training Group
  • 24/7 Email and Facebook Support
  • Make new rowing friends

Step into the boat, sit down and take control.
Rowing is the sport that will see you through the rest of your life.

Sometimes it feels like nobody understands what it’s like to be you, backing your choices.

You give everything to your family, to your job and your children.
And now it’s time to give everything to YOU.

We CARE about every single member of our Faster Masters community and so do the other members. We are a group of friends who are on the same journey – learning to move a rowing boat.

From one masters rower to another – because your coaches row too.



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  • The Faster 5: key concepts you must learn – Bladework, Technique, Racing, Stroke Power, Fitness Assessment (Normally $147)
  • YOUR personalised training zones (Normally $47)
  • 2 Drills guaranteed to 100% improve your rowing confidence (Normally $29)
  • Technique as you age – the essential diamond frame (Normally $9.99)
  • Ultimate Head Racing Guide for Masters (Normally $47)
  • Confidence Builder Guarantee

Pay up front $390
Normally $468 for 12 months
That’s 12 months for the price of 10 for the individual training program

Less than your wine bill !

*plan is in US Dollars and recurs annually

Monthly membership
$39 per month

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Less than 2 coffees a week.

*plan is in US Dollars and recurs monthly


… If you are just starting out or returning to rowing after a break
… or you are retiring to row

… or anywhere in between.

Setting yourself up with a training plan and an athletic lifestyle
is the new system you need … to go from where you are now to where you
want to be.

Join Faster Masters & become the rower you want to be!

Check out these transformations

Real People Real Results

I must tell you your video critique was phenomenal and yesterday I went out and did the drills and my stroke length magically improved and my splits went down.

Elizabeth Sheldon


Rowing is already pretty expensive so I need to strongly consider costs. And I found the structure that I need to go it alone in terms of practices planning. Especially this year with the pandemic and no coach, I’ve relied heavily on Faster Masters to give a steady, progress-based approach to practices.

Chris Krupiarz


I can’t think why anyone wouldn’t benefit from Faster Masters.
I can’t do every workout as scheduled, so I print them and keep, doing new ones until they are all completed, and then go back and repeat the ones I found either hard or helpful.
The program looks at the rower as a whole – strength, stability, rest, eating – most of which are not addressed by coaches that just run workouts to babysit their rowers – “Meet me here; ok, do 2x1000m. Go. …. Paddle for 3 minutes. OK, Go…… Back to the boathouse.” I find this extremely UNproductive. I can do this on my own and take the time to add in drills when I feel something isn’t going right. 

CeCe Aguda


I really value the training plans. I don’t always follow them strictly but I do follow the principle of the three hard sessions.

I have gained and followed some useful ideas about rigging for masters (shorter inboard) and interesting ideas like putting tape on the loom to check for digging.

The land training is really useful and I think many masters don’t have that.

I think my training is better for it and I have picked up useful technique tips on the way.

Carole Mills


testimonial, faster masters rowing
Rohan Jayawardena
Rohan Jayawardena
December 31, 2023
I found the content interesting, and the training programs useful. Am currently going through the December base training program, and can feel that I’m getting a lot of benefit from it. This is even through I’ve competed in head races all (Australian) winter, and had performed well in summer races prior to starting the program. I did the sculling intensive program last year, and also found it useful. The downside is the connectivity of the platform. It seems to take twice as long to load as any other website, and I've routinely find that I’m not recorded as enrolled on the annual subscription, although it’s still less than a year since I subscribed. The problem went away a couple of times, then last time it didn’t, but was fixed after I logged a job. It’s happened again, and I can’t get access to the support site (just a blank page). I’ll think hard before subscribing again..
Frank Dean
Frank Dean
December 24, 2023
A diverse range of topics covered that is specific to Masters Rowing. Not only technical or fitness topics specific to matters rowers but other practical topics like club house management and other items of interest. The paid items are well worth it, such as seasonal training plans, which I find extremely useful as a self coached master (a not uncommon situation for a masters rower) that builds me up to a racing season (regardless of hemisphere) and is varied to alleviate boredom. Then there are one off items, for example, rowing with data or rigging for masters, all of which have delivered real value to me, as well as being highly interesting and delivered by world experts in their fields. Although I haven't tried it yet there is also individual coaching available from the founders who are both experts in coaching, especially for masters. Today I also ordered a Spacer Placer Tool that the founders had come up with, another exam of innovate practical item offered by Fasters Masters, albeit this is useful for anyone in rowing using shared boats. Finally the founders, Rebecca and Marlene are always very approachable and friendly. 🤩
Dave Houchin
Dave Houchin
December 23, 2023
A truly brilliant resource that understands, supports and encourages Masters to meet their full potential. I'm subscribed to a couple of their programmes and access the podcasts regularly. Highly recommended. Thank you.
Robert Lee
Robert Lee
December 23, 2023
Our club has excellent support for masters rowers. Nevertheless, I find Faster Masters to be an excellent supplement to the training programs and coaching available at the club. I row a single and having the extra drills and in depth analysis of the rowing stroke provided by Faster Masters, in mind while I am alone on the water to be a great supplement. Rebecca Caroe and Marlene Royle have overcome my early skepticism about the format and content.
Margaret Webb
Margaret Webb
November 9, 2023
I really appreciate Faster Masters sensible work outs tailored to masters rowers. The content has been very helpful. Please continue your work!
Anne Homa
Anne Homa
November 5, 2023
A great resource for masters rowing. Especially like the opportunities for sharing thoughts and knowledge with rowers from all over the world.
Ross ODonovan
Ross ODonovan
November 3, 2023
Amy Stamey
Amy Stamey
November 3, 2023
I just love the knowledge shared by Faster Masters. And I love support female coaches. I've taken an online coaching course and gained so much. Thanks!
Rita Boserup
Rita Boserup
November 3, 2023
Good information for mature rowers. We aren't all 20+ somethings anymore. Our needs are different.
Karl McElhinney
Karl McElhinney
October 16, 2023
Fantastic articles and discussions on all things rowing. Great insights.

Faster Masters – Training, Community, Rowing Lifestyle


A mentality that you choose to be your own best version of yourself.
  You are ready to pay attention to your lifestyle, your health, how you train and
  how you row.

You are at a point in your life where you are ready to take care of yourself.
Becoming a FASTER MASTER means setting aside your doubts, all
your fears, all your excuses and every reason you think
you can’t do it.

What is your commitment to yourself? Take care of yourself, do something
that excites and challenges you.
Sometimes this means not being over-committed – making time for what
matters to you.

Who are YOU?

Sometimes you need help in your back pocket which is personal and is YOUR journey – progress in your own way.

Ask questions – get support in private.


Our coaches will help you.

Make your new habit so small that you can’t not do it.

You row for Faster Masters; you are a
“type” of oarsman.

You want to do something that challenges you. That is out of the box.
Rowing is different, it takes more dedication than running a marathon, it takes more commitment over the long term. You have to go through extra steps to row. The time you spend on the water is transformative. You may be looking for nature, you may be looking for really intense fitness, you may be looking for flow in your movements, you may want to
push yourself to the absolute limit.

Masters sweep coxed 4

All are possible with Faster Masters Rowing.

Normally one on one rowing coaching costs you thousands of dollars.
But we were frustrated hearing about people not getting coached,
of clubs giving the masters no attention, giving them the old boats, of people
trying to figure it out alone.


And so we wrote this program for people JUST LIKE YOU.

Become the person you want to row with

Being welcomed, one of the crowd, happy to contribute to the overall crew group, yet also racing anyone who challenges you. You are joining a team. You have access to really good coaches here, who know the answers, who are a huge resource for you.

We’ve got your back. Are you ready?

Faster Masters Rowing™ is a service provided by Marlene Royle (Faster Masters Rowing™ LLC) and Rebecca Caroe (Creative Agency Secrets Limited).

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