End of Season Assessments

Faster Masters Rowing Radio 18 August 2021 – we run through how to assess your rowing season and what you can do to plan for your future rowing.


Launch of Head of the Charles training program – included in our subscription plans.
04:00 This past week
2 articles about athletes and food.
Nutrition and injuries are part of this month’s August Faster Masters program

11.00 Assessing your Race Performance

Take notes about each race during the regatta.
What did you do very well? Set aside the results of the race.
Review process oriented things
16:30 What do I need to improve on?
Build these into your training practice. Emotional, physical and technical aspects of your race.
18:00 Analyse the controllables.
What challenges do you want for next season?
24:00 when reviewing don’t make it personal. Take the self out of the analysis.
26:30 People do what you ask then to do when coaching self-talk is important.
How do you deal with different situations? e.g. a delay in the start
29:00 Look at the process. You did the race, you deserve the credit

Faster Five Racing Principles include racing.