Faster Masters™ Episode 2

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Faster Masters Rowing™ Episode 2: Adapting Technique – Making Technical Gains with Physical Compromises: Includes flexibility overview and how to set up a rowing boat

Episode 2 in the Faster Masters™ Series is about how to adapt your technique so that you can make technical gains while managing physical compromises.

Most masters athletes are physically inflexible, many carry injuries or areas of compromised body movement. This does NOT stop us rowing. But it does mean we need to make compromises in order to get gains in our rowing. This episode shows how to address different types of “compromise” from stretching, improving mobility, adjusting the boat rig, getting comfortable in the boat.

The Episode includes a 45 minute YouTube link, the complete transcript of the video and two additional documents – body flexibility and boat rig or boat set-up.

– Body posture sitting in the boat
– Identifying the correct posture at the finish exercise
– Where to make postural compromises (and where not)
– The system of body support through the stroke cycle and how to teach this to your athletes
– Using rigging to adapt to bodily compromises and create comfort
– Head rotation for steering
– Oarlock height, footstretcher adjustment (what feels comfortable), rake of footstretcher, slides
– The Active – Isolated stretching method
– 4 stretches specific for rowers
– How to test your flexibility gains
– Tips on static stretching
– Daily 15 rowing stretches (diagram and circuit)Faster Masters™ Episode 2 ebook

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