Garbanzo salad with Mustang Chef

Special Guest Greg Upshur AKA “Mustang Chef” a sculler & chef joins Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe to show us how to make garbanzo salad with tahini dressing.

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01:00 This Past Week
05:00 Introducing our special Guest – Greg Upshur the “Mustang Chef” a passionate rower and healthy eater with top advice and a special recipe for us is Greg’s YouTube channel
10:00 Garbanzo bean salad is light and easily digestible.

Racing and eating.

The day before don’t eat anything you haven’t tried before – tested and true for your own system.
Eat a little more than you think you should the day before. Your energy needs are high – eat for the preparation as well as the race.
Avoid “gunky” food – high fat, pizza, blood sludge will slow you down.
If you are eating in restaurants you are eating a lot of sodium.
Yvonne Gill was the kiwi chef who taught Greg.
14:00 Foods to help hydration if you don’t want to drink water all the time.
Clean carbs will load your muscles and hold water for you. Pastas, rice too.
16:00 What’s in the salad dressing? – tahini and balsamic vinegar blended.
Make a slurry with garlic, cucumber and red onions all chopped small and combined.
Add celery for crunch and water.
Adding herbs – fresh basil, flat leaf parsley and chives and one red chilli diced small.
Pickles and dried dill.
The tahini makes the salad a bit creamy as you mix the ingredients.
Lastly add the cooked garbanzo beans (chick peas).
Stir to combine with the other ingredients and to distribute the dressing throughout.
Eat as soon as you like!

20:00 What to eat on the race day.

I like peanut butter toast on sourdough and one cup of coffee. I eat power bars before the race – I don’t eat much before the race. That is my normal breakfast on a training day. The same food as on a normal rowing day.
Energy food during the day – walnuts and dates; small boiled salted potatoes are also good for energy and include lots of potassium and magnesium.
24:00 Greg confesses to “tasting” the salad at every stage of the cooking!
He shows off his mustang too – with a custom number plate.
28:00 I found out about Marlene by reading Tip of the Blade

… an old boy I met on the water recommended to read the Boys In The Boat.
Greg found someone who plagiarised Marlene’s article and told her about it. Which is how they got acquainted.
31:00 Greg eats this salad straight up – uses as a between meal snack too sometimes. This salad is a good vegan, plant-based diet food as well.
Greg’s YouTube Channel
32:30 Take small steps to clean up your diets. Good fats to emphasise – Greg likes olive oil but also flax seed, coconut oils are also good – go with your taste preferences. He doesn’t use butter or lard.
35:00 Our tips for racing – you have to get out of it what you want to get out of it. When you watch a race, you shouldn’t judge. Come away with a race which you were happy with on the day is a great goal.
36:00 the beautiful thing about masters is you get to go out there and compete and set your own goals.
We are fortunate that we have a society where we can have these races where we can have some fun and talk some smack!
37:00 Marlene recommends a book Southerners Do Not Row

– the author’s wife is a really good rower and it’s the most humorous book about learning to row!
43:00 Rebecca got coxed by Dani Harrison once – George Harrison’s son.
44:00 Tom McNally from St John’s Newfoundland was trying to set an Atlantic crossing record in a cork sail boat – the smallest boat crossing. He was sponsored by Ringo Starr and the Beatles Museum.