Lessons from rowing puddles

Faster Masters Rowing Radio – the podcast for masters rowers. Tips, advice and discussion from Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe.
– Racing [The Faster Five]
– What you can learn from your puddles

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03:25 This Past Week – what we do to advocate for masters rowing. Video Reviews.
Peer to Peer coaching clinics.
11:00 The Faster Five – foundational document about masters rowing. Understand all these and you will progress rapidly, Racing is one of them.
14:00 Why moving faster than your race pace is important.
18:30 Practicing high turnover strokes.
The “Rowing Down Hill” drill – keep going as long as your boat goes faster. Stop when it doesn’t.
21:10 Half slide acceleration drills. Go up 2 points in rate between 4-6 times.
Don’t think, just move.
26:00 Stretches for low back tightness.
Do a dynamic warm up on land.
Sun salutes (yoga); Child pose after rowing.
Do you need mobility? What’s causing the tightness?

30:00 What can you learn from your puddles?

Dennis Cameron says “sometimes you do puddle-less rowing”
33:00 Puddles should be tight and swirly, concentrated with no splash.
Puddle killers include splashy exits with water dripping off the shaft.
Mounded up water versus a hollow behind the spoon – keeping good pressure
Moving the boat past the blade.
Pulling vocabulary may not be helpful as it causes rip in the puddle.
Adrian Ellison (Olympic gold medal coxswain) watched live and has great advice.
40:00 Distance between puddles. Distance Per Stroke = DPS.
Listen to your releases.
Check for corrugation of the oar in the water.
42:15 What causes rip in the rowing stroke? Is the athlete working pressure towards the blade?
Keep the water block solid and don’t over-work the water.
48:30 Combine your exercises at half slide and rowing down hill with watching your puddles – what do you see?