The Older Athlete & Ageing

Older Athlete Webinar headerWhy did nobody tell me this?

We are the first human generation to have stayed fit and active throughout our lives. And those lives are significantly longer than previous generations.

This webinar showcases key information to adjust your lifestyle, your nutrition, your training program and recovery plan to make the best possible outcomes for your rowing training 

With guest experts Baz Moffat, Joe de Leo and Elizabeth Avery.


  • – Why midlife is as significant as puberty
  • – Mindset and our relationship with food and exercise
  • – How to mitigate the loss of lean body mass as we age
  • – Macronutrient needs for ageing bodies
  • – Changing micronutrient needs with age
  • – Impact of ageing on strength, mobility and recovery rates

You will meet

  • – Elizabeth Avery is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. Her specialties include sports, oncology, cardiovascular and general wellness nutrition, as well as weight management and nutrition support (enteral and parenteral nutrition). She’s a multi-sport athlete who loves rowing, and she helps her clients with weight change, disease management, and athletic performance optimization. Elizabeth will help you make simple changes that result in permanent solutions.
  • – Baz Moffat is a former British Rowing team athlete who is now a prominent voice in the women’s health movement. Her specialism is the pelvic floor – an under appreciated nucleus in the female body. She’s a co-founder of The Well a business supporting women from puberty to menopause seeking to educate and empower women to become active and use exercise as one of the solutions to help alleviate symptoms of many female health issues.
  • Joe de Leo Strength and conditioning specialist and co-founder of The Science of Rowing. Joe’s podcasts and accessible round table discussions about the application of leading science into rowing coaching practice are well known. His private practice is focused on injury rehabilitation using a process-oriented approach. Joe is lead S&C coach to the Portugese Rowing Federation.

After attending this webinar you will

  1. – Know how much daily protein you need and when to time it through the day
  2. – Know how body literate you are and whether you have a fixed “mindset relationship” with food and exercise 
  3. – A practical pathway ramp of progression for your strength training and lean body mass improvement

Pre-Recorded Webinar

Ticket price $35

This is a pre-recorded webinar. Your ticket gives lifetime access to the webinar recording and resource materials.

After listening you will get MORE detail from the presenters on HOW to use these tools, which experts to follow, whether supplements are helpful, and how to adjust your lifestyle and training as you age.

PLUS everything is recorded so you can watch again and study for your own ageing management and lifestyle change implementation.

PLUS bonus content for download

  • How to talk to your doctor about aging concerns
  • How to manage your energy levels in your 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s
  • The Athlete’s Plate – what an athlete’s plate should look like based on your training cycle (hard, medium, light).

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