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Thank you to the seven clubs who responded to our request to be introduced to the club for sponsorship. If you want to join them, the offer details are below. Pass these to your club leadership to action.

Ever-Present Blisters

I learned from watching surgeon Philip Game taping his hands before going racing. He explained how important protection is because his hands are his trade. This is his method…

Take two rolls of tape, one wide, one narrow, and a sharp pair of scissors. His method starts wrapping the wide tape across the back of your hand and around your palm, overlapping with the base of each finger. Use the sharp scissors to make one or two cuts in the webbing down the side of each finger. Make two cuts – a small rectangle – between each digit. Finally, use the narrow tape to wind round each finger (seam on the back of your fingers) to hold the tape in place. Philip tapes his hands first thing in the morning and at least two hours before he races so that the tape has time to bed in and gives the adhesive time to adhere.

The photos illustrating his process are in the Blisters ebook download.

Look after your hands while rowing this week.


Our most recent podcast

We all get blisters – some more than others. 6 ways to treat a rowing blister. And download the ebook below. Click the image to watch.

Boathouse Chat for the Weekend

Hi everyone, wondering if any of you have high level contacts at Garmin or Strava? I’ve got an idea that I want to propose to them that will evolve how athlete data could be visualised during racing/regattas.

Join the group and take part in the discussion.

Club sponsorship details

This is the email you should send to your board / committee.

Faster Masters Rowing is keen to explore offering masters rowing education sponsorship. We are the leading education business serving masters rowers since 2019. We host webinars and events for masters.

But first, can you tell me what your strategic priorities are for your rowing club in 2024?

Why do we want to know that? Faster Masters Rowing advocates for masters rowing across the globe. We need to understand your situation in order to know what is needed to better support masters rowers.

When we asked this same question in 2022 masters rowers told us they didn’t know what the right oar lengths were for older athletes. So we hosted a Rigging for Masters webinar. Direct feedback led us to set up that event and it was very well attended.

Hit reply and tell us….

What is your number one priority this year?

Let us help you in return

When you send us your answer we will immediately share a coupon code so you can get one of our webinars free of charge. Think of this sponsorship as us investing in your club’s rowing education for masters.

If you like what you see, we can work with you to deliver on your number one priority. And that could mean cash, subsidy, sponsorship in kind, discounts and more.

Masters vs Juniors webinar

Please join us for this webinar which will reveal ways to professionalise running your rowing club so there are clear structures for each training group and more money to enable choices.

Attendees will get the club management spreadsheet template.

If you buy before 19th May, club board/committees can attend as a group for one single ticket purchase.

Plovdiv camp

All American Rowing Camp announce their latest camp in Plovdiv Bulgaria – Oct 21-26, 2024.

Mark Wilson writes

We are so excited about the interest in all of our 2024 European Camps and now we are announcing a new option to the Oldest City in Europe, Plovdiv Bulgaria, the home of the 2026 World Rowing Championships.
You will stay in a 26 room resort steps away from the boathouse and row on the world famous course and visit and tour this amazing world-class city that has been inhabited for over 7000 years, Plovdiv is older than Rome and Athens and you will see so much.
Consider joining us.

Masters rowing photos

Click the image to see more masters rowing photos.

Whenever you are ready….

Here are ways Faster Masters Rowing can help you:

  1. Align your training to your physical capacity with a program
  2. Improve your technique in a single scull
  3. Make your rowing club masters-friendly
  4. Our services for rowing coaches

Need a rowing advisor “in your pocket”? Book your free 20 minute discovery call.

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