Rowing Foot Connection

Training programs & plans for rowing aren’t as straightforward as they may seem. Traps abound.

You may think that having a training plan and following it is straightforward. Well, yes at a simple level it is. But life tends to get in the way and then things get complicated.

Should you follow a rowing program as a masters rower if:

  • you have a head cold
  • You have got rowing blisters
  • you had a late night and you’re tired
  • The baby didn’t sleep through the night
  • Traffic is bad so you have less time
  • You are traveling and away from the water or your home gym

This week’s podcast episode answers all these questions and more so you know what is not acceptable and what is good practice when following a rowing training plan.

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Tips, advice and discussion from Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe. – Improving the connection of your feet to the boat – Soft tissue work (massage) and mobility – running a weekend camp Sponsors The Rowing Directory updates https://rowing.chat/retailer/ H2Row shoes that fit, Scullr GPS Rowing Computer, Rubini Jewellers Support this show with a donation https://fastermastersrowing.com/register/podcast-supporter/

Timestamps CONTENT From this show 07:00 This Past Week – what we do to advocate for masters rowing. Save the Date! We are hosting a webinar on 18 – 20th May focused on Racing Starts. Watch out for our newsletter for details. 16:30 Improving foot connection in the boat. Mobility and flexibility is important Foot arch and fascia are stretched. Reflexology – total body effect. On the erg you can massage your feet yourself. 20:00 Flushing your calf muscles with a rolling pin Habit stacking – a useful skill for rowing lifestyle 22:30 Gripping with your toes inside your rowing shoes to add engagement at the catch Add pressure on the feet at the catch and the palm of your hand. 24:30 Put your foot on a towel on the floor. Grip it to crunch it up with your toes. This is a plantar fasciitis exercise. Rock your hips to flex your toes. 34:00 Running a weekend camp at your club A little extra focus Video review Spend time with your colleagues Kick off on Friday night with a pot luck supper – everyone brings a plate of food. Guest coach with a technique focus. 42:00 Drills to focus on Video angle to shoot from for good rowing video analysis. Improve the drills as a focus for the whole weekend.