Rowing The World


Faster Masters Rowing

Masters love rowing so much that many choose rowing vacations - and fortunately there are many glorious places which you can experience from a rowing boat.

Introducing Rowing The World

Lead by experienced guide, Ruth Marr, Rowing the World is celebrating ten years of guided exploration from a rowing boat. Ruth has build an enviable reputation as a tour guide whose innovations include the first rowing tour to St Petersburg, Russia, wilderness rowing in Canada's British Columbia, and the classic Venetian Volalonga Regatta in Italy.

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Can you see yourself viewing the wonders of Paris from a rowing boat? Or what about Amsterdam from a canal? The delight of touring rowing means that your non-rowing partner can come along too because all boats are coxed and need a steers person. And tours include side-trips to cultural and foodie venues as well - so they won’t be bored!

Get Fit for your Vacation

Being able to row up to 20 kilometers (15 miles) a day takes time to build enough fitness. Partnering with Faster Masters Rowing we have a 12 week get fit for touring training program ready for you to start right away.

You can train on an erg or in the boat – and other forms of cross training are also encouraged. The minimum is three workouts per week building up gradually so that when you are on your dream Rowing Tour holiday, you won’t be the one with blisters and sore muscles who cannot enjoy the moment.