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Update 22 April 2020

An update from Frank Dean: A local Invercargill, NZ lass who was taking Pilates (mat classes) I was attended has gone online using Facebook streaming. It’s a private group to join (NZ$15 per month) and currently she has three x 35 minute live sessions per week. (Mon 7pm, Wed 0630am ,Sat 8am (all NZT). Then the video is saved for later viewing (if one wants to do it again or missed the session).

Frank Dean, Invercargill New Zealand

I found  Kate’s classes 3+ years ago the fix for continually lower back pain, as well as improving core strength and flexibility… So thought it might be a useful link to put up:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/538059733752366/

Joe de Leo’s “virtual push up” workshop for bodyweight exercise training. Joe is also doing a USRowing Webinar on Strength & Conditioning for the Masters Rower. It will be available on YouTube the following week for the general public if they are not a USRowing member https://usrowing.org/sports/2019/10/1/webinars.aspx

Jo Francou’s hip mobility exercises – as discussed in Lockdown Week 4 podcast.Mobility-express-6

Jo Francou hip mobility
Click on the link to download

At home rowing club charity tshirt https://www.facebook.com/groups/2296574953776890/permalink/2347416495359402/

For the ladies and For the Gentlemen: Order deadline 17 April 2020. Supports Medecins sans Frontiers / Doctors Without Borders


Groups to join

Apps and software

  • PainSled  and RowedBiker  apps. Regarding COVID-19, both allow users to work out virtually using existing social fitness games or training platforms like Zwift or Sufferfest.
  • Android app BoatCoach for running virtual ergathon events, or even just trying to do a virtual workout with a friend, you can live stream your workout to Facebook with your Concept2 workout stats overlaid.   A video of Sander giving live streaming a try and Instructions.
  • Nonathlon A platform which puts all the rowers “on the same line” it is a free service. Just create a group and add new members. It does not require any maintenance, everybody just enters their own results there and it gives you points based on your gender, age and weight.
  • Ludum platform for coordinating clubs for coaches – free till August
  • FitClub – a calendaring app for co-ordinating your group and collecting training results

Races and virtual events

  • Daily erg workout Nicola Austin and Ger Sheahan are hosting live trainings EVERYDAY 8am New Zealand Timezone starting from Monday 30th March by Zoom. Make sure you’ve done your mobility and are ready to do the group warm up together. Also, it works best if you can use ear buds, but is also fine without. Join Zoom Meeting  Meeting ID: 341 387 934 Password: Lockdown
  • Join the virtual ergomarathon event which ends 19th of April.  Details from organisers.
  • Coronavirus Quarantine Sprints and Endurance Challenge – from Tennessee Indoor Rowing
Workout routines

Send us any more useful links to add in. 

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