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Hello again Reader

Advocacy or speaking up for masters rowing is one of the goals for Faster Masters Rowing. As a business, we benefit when there are more masters in the sport and also when there are more organisations catering for masters such as clubs, regattas and rowing businesses.

Since we started in April 2019, masters rowing has grown significantly in participation headcount. Starting a podcast and weekly newsletter to communicate on topics of interest means we now have a large global audience. And we are grateful to you, Reader for reading and listening.

Strategy comes next

Having demonstrated an audience and interest in masters rowing, our next goal is to advocate to rowing federations. Each country’s rowing clubs are organised nationally and some are more invested in masters than others. What should a federation be doing to support masters? I don’t know the answers. What do you think – should every country have a masters rowing national championship regatta? And masters coach training courses? Or a conference for masters?

Every Federation should have a strategy and plan for masters rowing. What does a “good” plan look like?

This needs to cover all aspects of our sport – from beginners learning to row to social and fitness rowers and those who race. Enabling support comes from coach education, guidelines for club administrators, articles written for masters and a national steering group to guide policy makers on masters’ needs.

Today I’m seeking information from you about what your national federation already does for masters rowing. When we can make a global comparison we will be able to answer the question about what “good” is. And we can advocate for more change.

A quick survey

We’ve written an 8 question survey to collect information. Most are yes/no answers. Would you let us know what your Federation is doing for masters? It will take 2 minutes.

I really appreciate you helping Faster Masters Rowing to collect this information. We will publish a summary later this year, and use this to inform our future advocacy work.

In gratitude.


P.S. Our Advocacy web page details what we have already done to change masters rowing.

Our most recent podcast

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Boathouse Chat for the Weekend

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Join the group and take part in the discussion.

Our Advocacy Works for You

Faster Masters Rowing advocates for masters rowing – see how you can use our work to make your rowing club more masters-friendly.

When we write to call attention to issues we work to identify solutions, coordinate efforts of participants, and together bring about changes that will make our rowing world a better place.

Articles are a key resource for change in masters rowing. Until lots of rowers are aware of issues and how to resolve them, they won’t identify the need in their own club group. So we offer you a monthly article to share with your group – all the topics are relevant to masters, some are coaching, others about group organisation or comfort in the boat. We think you’ll enjoy them – and so will your crew mates.

Get a monthly article about masters rowing which your club group can share in your newsletter or on your website – it’s free. all you have to do is say that Faster Masters Rowing wrote it when you share it around.

All American Rowing Camp Schedule

We are thrilled to be adding a new location and date to our 2024 International Camp Offers. The Agerisee near Zug and Zurich Switzerland will host this new camp. If you have ever wanted to row on in the Swiss Alps this is for you. June 2-7, 2024. Only 8 scullers will be accepted.

All 2024 European Camps

We have numerous offers for your schedule and location desires, some are full and some have limited availability. We hope to see you soon.

  • Avis, Portugal – May 6-11, 2024 4 spots available
  • Sibenik, Croatia – May 14-19, 2024 FULL
  • Varese, Italy – May 22-27, 2024 3 spots available
  • Swiss Alps – June 2-7, 2024 8 spots, announced Jan 16!!
  • Sinkovic Gold Medal Camp – Sept 17-23, 2024 FULL
  • Croatia Coastal Adventure – Sept 27-Oct 2, 2024 – 5 spots
  • SilverSkiff Regatta Camp – Nov 5-11, 2024 FULL

All Details for all camps can be found at the Camp Website.

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Masters rowing photos

Click the image to see more masters rowing photos.

Whenever you are ready….

Here are ways Faster Masters Rowing can help you:

  1. Align your training to your physical capacity with a program
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  3. Make your rowing club masters-friendly
  4. Our services for rowing coaches

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