Why Join Faster Masters


Faster Masters Rowing turns enthusiasts into skilled rowers, into people who realize they can become fitter and more skilful, who can make the change in their rowing that builds fun, friendship and shared goals attained.

Masters are ‘disregarded athletes’ in many clubs. We deserve coaching, we deserve good equipment and  our rowing goals are important.


Rebecca Caroe first realised how isolated many masters rowers are when she moved clubs and joined a group who self-coached.  The group was floundering.  Newcomers learnt bad habits from the beginning.  It was obvious to her what the solution was.  Expert Coaching.

Marlene Royle is a pioneer in coaching masters rowers since 1999. Her ‘RoyleRow’ method revolutionized masters training and developed a high-performance culture of athletes competing well into their 70s.


Faster Masters has these programs

Marlene and Rebecca have designed 3 base programs – for Individuals; for Crews; and for Clubs/Coaches.

The Individual program includes our 6 modules (Training Program, Technique, Land Training, Peak Performance, Rowing Lifestyle, and a Bonus) where new training information is published every month.

The Crew program includes ALL of the individual PLUS Crew Skill Drills and Video Analysis.

The Club/Coach program includes ALL of the Crew program PLUS Crew Selection, Athlete Testing, Monthly Coaching Call and Email support.

The Magazine for people who don’t need a training program but would like the articles and technique videos.

Using our expert advice, these videos and carefully written articles, masters rowers can make fast progress, acquiring skill handling the oars, moving the boat and making the crew ‘combine and flow’ which all contribute to faster speeds.

Although having a coach in-person at your rowing club is probably the best solution, getting remote coaching is a very good second choice.  For some masters groups who only get occasional coaching in person, having both options makes a happy balance.  The more experienced can self-coach; others can get in-person and remote guidance as it suits their situation.

If you have ambition to improve, to get more from the sport of rowing and your competition plans, a Faster Masters Rowing subscription is for you!


Hello Rebecca , hope all is well with you and good luck with your masters training course, just wanted to drop a quick note and say thanks for your suggestions and response …..I’ve been rowing for about a month now and I’m clearly addicted!