How I got a PR on the erg

I just wanted to tell you and Rebecca how much I have enjoyed the Faster Masters program so far.  After a taper last week, I had the CRASH Bs last Sunday (2K) and an asynchronous doubles race (1K) Wednesday and another 2K in the US Lightweight Indoor Rowing National Championships today, aka the donut indoor regatta.

Using your training plan, I PR’d by 1.4 sec at the CRASH Bs (8:27.1), PR’d by 0.3 sec in the 1K (3:56.6) and PR’d again today (8:26.7) in the US Indoor Lightweight 2K race.

I love the science behind the training as well as the periodicity of it.  I like that you explain the training in the different modules so I know WHY I am doing the training pieces listed in your program.  Additionally, I have learned a ton from all the other content that is available.  The Faster Masters podcast is a treasure trove of information as well.

I hope to be on the water soon, so I will see if I can translate the program to the water. Fingers crossed!

Thank you so much for the Faster Master Program!  It really works!! 


Deb Taylor